Joe Davis On Vin Scully: ‘You Don’t Replace The Greatest’

The Los Angeles Dodgers had a great Opening Day by defeating the San Diego Padres, 14-3. In addition to signaling the first win of the 2017 MLB season, the game also marked the beginning of team’s first full season without longtime broadcaster Vin Scully calling games since the team moved to Los Angeles.

With Scully now enjoying retirement, Joe Davis has become the team’s new television play-by-play announcer. Davis understands taking over a position Scully held since 1950 will not be an easy task. He does not see himself as a simple replacement for the Hall Of Fame announcer, according to Tom Hoffarth of Orange County Register:

“But if they say I’m ‘replacing’ him, my approach has been: You don’t replace the greatest anyone of all time in anything – a broadcaster, a coach, a lawyer … That’s just a fact.”

Davis also believes he would be doing fans a disservice if he were to think of his role as replacing Scully:

“So if I’m looking at ‘replacing,’ I’m not doing myself any good, and if I’m not doing myself any good, I’m not doing the people at home any good either.”

One way Davis is differentiating himself from Scully is by having a partner with him as Orel Hershiser joined him during Opening Day.

The Dodgers originally hired Davis before the 2016 season. During Scully’s final season, Davis split alternate play-by-play duties with Charlie Steiner. Before working Dodgers games, Davis was with FOX Sports where he called college basketball, baseball, and football.

Having just turned 29 years old last December, Davis could very well become the next voice of the Dodgers for a long time.

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